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Welcome Baby's newsletter, Welcome Words, discusses the milestones and challenges of each age.  Welcome Words covers the changes in children and the concerns of parents at each age.  They include specific information about Durham County.  Eight newsletters are available until your child is age 1, and then two per year until age 5.

Click on a newsletter title below to see the newsletter for the corresponding age group or developmental subject area. (All are in PDF format.)

Prepare for Parenting

  • Planning for the Emotional Roller-Coaster, p.1
  • Bringing Baby Home, p.2
  • What to Expect in the Beginning, p.2
  • Suggested Reading, p.2

Crying and Temperament

  • About Colic, p.1
  • Crying: Here's What Works, p.1
  • Tips for Crying Babies, p.1
  • Why We Need to Talk About Shaken Baby Syndrome, p.2
  • Your Baby's Temperament, p.2


  • Newborns and Sleep, p.1
  • How the Rhythm of Routines Can Help, p.1
  • Reducing the Risk of SIDS, p.2

Healthy Eating

  • Breastfeeding, p.1
  • Bottlefeeding, p.1
  • Burping, p.1
  • Starting Solids: Now or Later?, p.2
  • Weaning, p.2


  • Well Child Check-ups—An Investment in Your Child's Good Health, p.1
  • How Often Should My Child Have a Well Child Check-up?, p.1
  • A Well Child Check-up May Include, p.1
  • Immunizations for Children, p.1
  • You and Your Pediatrician—Forming a Partnership, p.1
  • Baby's First Teeth, p.2
  • When Calling the Doctor is a Must, p.2


  • Playing with Your Baby, p.1
  • Games with Baby, p.1
  • Play Time is Learning Time, p.2
  • Playthings for Babies: How Much is Enough?, p.2


  • Safety Concerns (Grouped by stages), p.1
  • Keeping Mealtimes & In Between Times Safe, p.2
  • Make Any Home Safe, p.2
  • Baby On Board, p.2

Language and Literacy

  • Brain Development, p.1
  • How to Help Your Child Use Language, p.1
  • Ways to Foster Language Development, p.1
  • Language Development in Stages, p.2
  • Sharing Books with Your Toddler, p.2

Social and Emotional Development

  • Emotional Development..., p.1
  • Advice About Spoiling, p.1
  • When Good-Bye Brings Tears, p.1
  • Stranger Anxiety and Your Baby, p.2
  • Setting Limits for Baby, p.2

Twelve-18 months

  • Milestones, p.1
  • What's Happening Here?, p.1
  • Tantrums, p.1
  • What About Biting? p.2
  • Tips for Encouraging Good Behavior, p.2
  • Suggested Reading, p.2

18 months - 2 years

  • Toddler Talk, p.1
  • Toilet Training: Signs of Readiness, p.1
  • Fears and Phobias, p.1
  • At 24-Months - I:, p.2
  • Childcare for Toddlers, p.2
  • Suggested Reading, p.2

2 - 2 1/2 years

  • Your Contradictory Child, p.1
  • At 2-1/2, p.1
  • Saying Good-bye to Diapers, p.2
  • Taming Tantrums, p.2
  • Moving to a Big Bed, p.2

2 1/2 - 3 years

  • Limits You Can Live With, p.1
  • At 3 years, p.1
  • Enjoying Your 3-Year-Old, p.1
  • Fantasy and Fun, p.2
  • Keeping Sibling Peace, p.2
  • Potty Patience, p.2
  • Suggested Reading, p.1

3 - 3 1/2 years

  • Starting Preschool, p.1
  • At 3-1/2, p.1
  • A Foundation for Learning, p.2
  • Time to Reduce Stress, p.2
  • Challenges times 3 (and a half!), p. 2

3 1/2 - 4 years

  • Teaching Responsibility, p.1
  • At 4, I am, p.1
  • Making the Most of TV, p.1
  • Playing Doctor, p.2
  • Fabulous at Four, p.2
  • Giving Up the Nap, p.2
  • Suggested Reading, p.2

4 - 4 1/2 years

  • Expecting Extremes from Your 4 year old, p.1
  • Lies and Learning to Wait, p.2
  • Pre-School Skills, p. 2

4 1/2 - 5 years

  • School Readiness, p.1
  • Here and Now at Five, p.1
  • Setting Limits: Less is More, p.2
  • What About After-School? p.2
  • Bedwetting, p.2

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